What contribution does the protector make to the power industry?
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After the high-growth period of the protective layer protector, the development trend of the market has become more subtle. Most suppliers have expressed concern about the impact of macro-control on the market. The country began to tighten and led to the funding of some users. Tension, which in turn affects some manufacturers, has some difficulties. It only affects the collection. At this time, it is mainly affected by the channel. When the shortage of funds begins to affect the investment and production of the user's enterprise, it really begins to weaken its The demand for the market, when the supplier is really affected by the special device of the protective layer protector, to prevent lightning and induced overvoltage damage to the cable sheath. Special device for the protector to prevent lightning strikes and induced overvoltage Hazard of cable sheathing. The sheath protector is connected between the high-voltage cable sheath and the ground, and is connected by bolts and cable sheaths. The sheath protector is put into use. When installing, the tension of the high-voltage outlet end should not be More than 145N. The insulation level of the connecting wire should not be lower than the insulation level of the outer sheath of the cable to be protected, and the connection circuit should be as short as possible. The device must be reliably grounded.

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