Talking about the important use of protector equipment in the power industry
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With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the power market is also closely following the changes in the market. What is the current status of our electrical market? The protective layer protector has passed. After the period of rapid growth, the development of the market has become more subtle. Most suppliers have expressed concern about the impact of macroeconomic regulation and control on the market. The country’s tightening has led to some companies’ tighter funds, which in turn have affected Some manufacturers have some difficulties in paying back. It only affects the collection. At this time, it is mainly affected by the channel.

The protective layer protector adopts ZnO varistor as the protection component, has no series gap, has good protection characteristics, and has excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristic curve. It not only has the advantages of porcelain sleeve metal oxide arrester, but also has good electrical insulation performance. High dielectric strength, resistance to leakage, corrosion, heat, cold, aging, explosion-proof, etc. and good chemical stability, water repellency, sealing. Our products can be widely used in single-core power cable lines. It is used to protect the metal sheath of the cable from various overvoltages. In order to better meet the needs of the market and facilitate the user to install and use it on site, our company has further developed the cable sheathing direct grounding box, sheath protector and Several types of sheath grounding devices such as cross-connected sheath protectors. Various cable sheath grounding devices produced by our company have been widely used in various electrified railway systems in the country and have achieved good operational experience.

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